Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Okay so I have finally got my Starter Kit. Woo hoo. So happy and can't wait to play with all my new goodies. I have enough stuff now for a little while. Unfortunately - for some reason - the business supplies like the Getting Started DVD did not arrive with my kit so now have to find out why. But you know what it doesn't matter just yet. My first workshop is not until the 26th so have lots of time b4 then for all that stuff to arrive.

Magnolia - okay yesterday I had a whinge coz I 'saw' that my order put in on the 30th of March hadn't been shipped yet but they have shipped it -------coz I got it today. Woo hoo. Unfortunately it is too late for me to make easter cards with the bunnie stamps but I am sure I can incorporate it into some scrapbooking layouts - which I have been neglecting lately in favour of cardmaking. So I am going to be busy busy.

Seeing Katie hasn't emailled me yet. No picture just yet. I think it will be three posts for today. LOL. Hope you all don't mind. :)

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Anonymous said...

soooo sorry! hmm maybe i didn't mention i was going away for 2 days. Home just after lunch tomorrow....PROMISE to let you know asap hon