Friday, February 27, 2009

It's friday

Here are some cards that I have made over the last couple of weeks. I really like the black one with the Boho Background stamp embossed on it. It turned out really well. The others I came up with myself except the bottom middle card - that was copied from the US stampin up catalogue. Such a cute card.

Gosh the weeks just seem to be going so fast. B4 I know it the weekend will be over and of course then it will be monday. The kids are driving me bananas. Lachlan and Ashley have colds and Lachlan went to the Dr this morning but no ear infection or anything even though he was crying in bed saying his ear hurt last night - don't know what the deal is there. Ashley is currently crying the house down. LOL. She doesn't want to go to sleep. Oh well nevermind.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Been very slack with writing my blog. Sorry. Not that anyone actually reads it. LOL.

Nothing much happened over the weekend. Been kinda boring lately. Getting into some more cardmaking and also trying to do some scrapbooking with the stamps I have been going crazy on. LOL. A work in progress. As much as I love all the stamps I am finding that it is hard to find a use for them with my current LO's. Oh well I am sure I will find the right stamps for the right LO's.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Just chillin'

Feels like this week is never gonna end. Even though I had my big blister Bev here from Tuesday night to yesterday arvo, it has just dragged. I had MG cancelled on me on tuesday due to sickness and then the days and nights have just dragged.

Ashley is such a cheeky girl lately. She has figured out how to climb up on the couches without any chairs etc to help her up so god help me now. I have to keep a constant eye on her and will have to follow her up to the boys room if she ever goes up there. Might have to keep their door closed
just so we don't have any falls. At least whilst she is in the lounge I can keep an eye on her. She is just so so cheeky. LOL. She has another tooth - so that makes it 13 toothy pegs. Gosh she is not a baby anymore
Well the rest of the week is gonna be uneventful. Mick is supposed to be testing for work tonight so he is gonna try and be home early tonight. Hmmm we will see. Then of course because he will be up good part of the night he will be in bed til late tomorrow. Grrrr.....!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Okay it has been resolved. Woo Hoo....!!! I sent Acai Burn a message last night asking that they don't ship out to me at all and I would like to cancel the ' membership '. They initially said that it had already been shipped and I would have to send back when it arrived but have been sent an email since to advise that it hasn't been shipped and they were cancelling and that they were going to refund the postage of US $24.95 back onto the ccard. So happy and so lucky that I didn't do the trial offer thru another company as I have read lots of bad stories. Phew. Thank goodness.

Been obsessively buying Stampin' Up stuff. Should seriously look into becoming a demonstator just for the fun of knowing what is coming up. Hmmmmm.....!!!!!

Just got an email from Scrapbooking Memories mag and again they do not want my LO for an upcoming theme. Grrrr....!!! I guess it is only my second one so I guess I just keep on trying.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I think I have been scammed

I should know better. I should never have done it. I signed up to get a free 14day trial of a weight loss tablet - they send you a months supply and you have the option to send back with a 60day money back guarantee. Unfortunately I didn't read the terms and conditions properly and now I have signed up for a monthly subscription of US $59.95 and I can cancel anytime. Okay - their lines are in the US and supposed to be 24/7 and so is there online live help - yeah right. They only run from 8am - 5pm their time. Gosh I feel like such a fool. I really don't know what to do. I sent an email to the address I got the receipt from but Mick seems to think I won't get a response from them. I am willing to wear the costs of postage even though they haven't sent it yet but it would be so much better if I could contact them by email instead of the phone or on this online chat. I have done research on scams and this site isn't listed on any scam ones but I just don't want to take the chance. I want it cancelled b4 it is shipped so I don't have to then pay to send the damn thing back.

Dumb dumb dumb.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's sunday

I am sure you will say 'der' but it is probably the best day of the week for me as I get my sleep in. Woo Hoo.....!!!!! Not that I got much of a sleep in this morning as my back was killing me and I just couldn't get comfortable. Bumma....!!!! No matter.

We are off to the shops today. Got a few things we have to buy - major thing is a toy box to put Ashley's toys in (of course). Gosh she has so many toys. She has the hand me downs from the boys and then all the toys she got for her birthday and xmas. Apart from that nothing else major. We don't go to the shops a lot as a family - it is normally just Mick or I going by ourselves without the kids. I do it more so I can actually shop properly without the distraction and it is so much quicker when I am alone. Was kinda wanting to go by myself this morning - only coz I wanted to get some different coloured ink for my stamping but Mick said he wanted to come. Damn....!!!!! :P

Oh yeah...!!!! Got a beautiful card from Mick for Valentines day. Nothing else. Another 'Hallmark' holiday. Another reason for the companies to make more money from card sales LOL. It was our 7th Engagement anniversary. Doesn't seem that long ago that we got engaged. Time has certainly flown really quickly.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

I cried this morning. Not from sheer joy over what I got for Valentines Day but from the sad sad story of what happened in Marysville last weekend. It was an absolute inferno and there were so many lives lost. So many people had no idea it was coming. No time to get out. Out of hundreds of homes in the town only 32 survived. How could this happen. It is just so inconceiveable. Got an email from Mick's aunt today with news from his uncle who lived in Kinglake West: Here is the whole email. Very long I am sorry but thought I would include the whole thing.

Dear All,

Had a call from Thomas this morning. They have been helping friends and will make daily visits to the Kinglake/Whittlesea area for another week. This is also to sort out insurance and what ever.

I am ever so grateful they were not home on Saturday afternnon - they'd be the first to go and help in case of trouble.

Debbie's sister Jan got the black and white cat and drove back to Horsham with her yesterday. So, only one more moggy to locate - she has been seen.

Miraculously, their whole area only suffered bushfire damage, none of the terrible firestorm like Flowerdale and Kinglake.. Remember they live on the corner of Whittlesea Kinglake Road and whatever the other road is called. Most of their immediate friends and neighbours live along that road which terminates at the end of an estate. This whole area (which is called Kinglake West too) suffered only some bushfire damage, including Tom's place. His house is untouched, however all the shedding is gone apart from the main shed. The 2 containers (timber lined) with all their contents (which means all the fireworks office stuff and items specifically made for special fireworks displays which was very valuable, and all the boxes with Mamma's crockery, knick knacks, manchester, etc. which we never got to sort out, and Mama's paintings, including 1 painting I had framed from a friend in France and the other from Jeffrie. Sorry jeffrie.
The 2 containers were booked to be transported to Horsham on Wednesday, that's why they were full. So there was quite a financial loss because the amount insured for the contents of the
containers was much less than was in them at that particular time. Funny enough, the huge pine trees which sheltered the containers did not burn.
Thomas and Debbie are disappointed but, as Thomas says, compared to what others have lost - it's nothing. Anyway, who knows, the insurances company may feel generous...?

Part of the front garden is burned, the garden at the back with the huge golden elm is untouched, including the playground with the big (plastic) slide.

Even though their neighbours air strip was burned, their house was OK and that neighbour could actually help others out with his generator.

They have been in touch with the couple who has bought the place (fearing the worst.. that they may renege after this). But no, they are determined to proceed with the purchase and are very relieved that the house remained unscathed.

Because it is such a close community, everyone has lost friends. Sam has lost 2 of his friends from Flowerdale and is very cut up about that. I suppose for the young it may be their first contact with death. When an 'old' relative (like Mama) dies, that is normal in their eyes, but one their own age..... it surely must affect them deeply and take a while to come to terms with.

Friends of Thomas and Debbie,with their 8 children, left according to their fire plan, but instead of turning west, which was part of their plan, they were told to turn right which saved their life. Otherwise they would have been another one of those burned out car shells on the road.
Thomas was saying that all those place names we hear mentioned, and which mean very little to us, - well, they knew them all too well. Because of their business, they visited clients everywhere, had cups of tea and bikkies in these small 'villages' and now many of them are
amongst the dead.

Anyone who has been to their place and came via Whittlesea, would have seen the General store/service station when they got to the Yea road - apparently this is also called Kinglake West and all houses in that area have disappeared. They are approx 3 km from there and 6 Km from
Kinglake itself, virtually in the middle, and they had a bushfire. The other two places had a fire storm.

The phone coverage of the area is still poor. At least the phone company will not charge for mobile calls, I think they charge only at local landline rate for 3 months.

As you can imagine, their hearts and minds are with their neighbours and friends right now. So far they have been staying with different friends. Also, dealing with insurance, etc. it's easier to be right there instead of Horsham.

I think Thomas would really love to hear from the family, to be reassured that he has family, unlike so many others who lost family members. If you try to ring him on his mobile and can't get through, don't give up. He'll be up in the hills. But they return to base
(where ever that is, tonight it is Eltham) and then can catch up.

My love to you all


So very sad to hear the bad news. Am so thankful that they are safe but it must be so disappointing for little Sam to know that a couple of his friends have died.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Looking forward to a good day

Mick has an RDO today so really looking forward to having a little 'me' time today. He is currently at the Dermatologist getting this dreeded rash of his looked at. Hopefully the Dr has some kind of solution to get rid of it. Of course, as soon as he made the appointment to go the rash started clearing up. Must be stress related. LOL.

I am off to the Osteopath this arvo. Gosh I need it badly. My back is so so so sore all the time but I know why. I have been sitting on the couch but have the laptop on the coffee table so I am twisting around to work on it - only coz Ashley thinks it is funny to touch the keys and I have lost a lot of forum posts as she keeps hitting the delete button.

Off to Lauren's tonite. Might even see Lauren's mum (who is an avid stamper). Apparently she is very excited about seeing what stamps I have. LOL. Gotta love it. So a late one for me tonight and no sleep in for me tomorrow. My sleep in is on sunday. Woo hoo. Really need it. Too many late nights and early mornings. Must try and get to bed by 9.30 at least once this coming week.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My kids

I am sitting here feeling very tired. Tyler has been waking us up throughout the night and occasionally so is Lachlan. Wish I could get myself motivated to do something other than sitting on this computer trying to think of something clever to say. Hmmmm....!!!!! My little miss is asleep and I have to make cupcakes for the boys for when they get home from Daycare. I promised them I would make. Don't feel like it now but have to do it otherwise the boys will be very disappointed.

We are starting to get a little smoke from some of the fires in Victoria. It stinks out there but I am sure it wouldn't be anything compared to the people who are near the fires and have lost loved ones and their homes. I feel for all of them. Such a horrible thing to happen.

Just thought I would share a recent photo of my beautiful kids. Love them to death. mwah.

About me

Okay this is my first attempt at a blog so you have to be patient with me. Not too versed in doing it but will give it a go.

I am Tracey. Wife to Mick. Mother to Tyler (nearly 4yrs old), Lachlan (nearly 3yrs old) and Ashley (my baby girl - 14mths old). I am an avid scrapbooker and love love love everything scrapbooking ATM. I have just started buying stamps and making my own cards. Have purchased lots of new Stampin' Up stamps - new and old recently and I am having lots of fun with them.

I am a SAHM. I haven't worked since my first babe was born in 2005. I miss the adult interaction but am a member of many forums - baby and scrapbooking, and I get my adult 'fix' from talking to people on there. At the moment am tossing up the idea of an online scrapbooking shop or becoming a demonstator for Stampin' Up. Will have to see.