Friday, February 13, 2009

Looking forward to a good day

Mick has an RDO today so really looking forward to having a little 'me' time today. He is currently at the Dermatologist getting this dreeded rash of his looked at. Hopefully the Dr has some kind of solution to get rid of it. Of course, as soon as he made the appointment to go the rash started clearing up. Must be stress related. LOL.

I am off to the Osteopath this arvo. Gosh I need it badly. My back is so so so sore all the time but I know why. I have been sitting on the couch but have the laptop on the coffee table so I am twisting around to work on it - only coz Ashley thinks it is funny to touch the keys and I have lost a lot of forum posts as she keeps hitting the delete button.

Off to Lauren's tonite. Might even see Lauren's mum (who is an avid stamper). Apparently she is very excited about seeing what stamps I have. LOL. Gotta love it. So a late one for me tonight and no sleep in for me tomorrow. My sleep in is on sunday. Woo hoo. Really need it. Too many late nights and early mornings. Must try and get to bed by 9.30 at least once this coming week.

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