Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's sunday

I am sure you will say 'der' but it is probably the best day of the week for me as I get my sleep in. Woo Hoo.....!!!!! Not that I got much of a sleep in this morning as my back was killing me and I just couldn't get comfortable. Bumma....!!!! No matter.

We are off to the shops today. Got a few things we have to buy - major thing is a toy box to put Ashley's toys in (of course). Gosh she has so many toys. She has the hand me downs from the boys and then all the toys she got for her birthday and xmas. Apart from that nothing else major. We don't go to the shops a lot as a family - it is normally just Mick or I going by ourselves without the kids. I do it more so I can actually shop properly without the distraction and it is so much quicker when I am alone. Was kinda wanting to go by myself this morning - only coz I wanted to get some different coloured ink for my stamping but Mick said he wanted to come. Damn....!!!!! :P

Oh yeah...!!!! Got a beautiful card from Mick for Valentines day. Nothing else. Another 'Hallmark' holiday. Another reason for the companies to make more money from card sales LOL. It was our 7th Engagement anniversary. Doesn't seem that long ago that we got engaged. Time has certainly flown really quickly.

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