Friday, February 27, 2009

It's friday

Here are some cards that I have made over the last couple of weeks. I really like the black one with the Boho Background stamp embossed on it. It turned out really well. The others I came up with myself except the bottom middle card - that was copied from the US stampin up catalogue. Such a cute card.

Gosh the weeks just seem to be going so fast. B4 I know it the weekend will be over and of course then it will be monday. The kids are driving me bananas. Lachlan and Ashley have colds and Lachlan went to the Dr this morning but no ear infection or anything even though he was crying in bed saying his ear hurt last night - don't know what the deal is there. Ashley is currently crying the house down. LOL. She doesn't want to go to sleep. Oh well nevermind.

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