Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What a full on couple days we have had. Ashley had a major crash on saturday. She got up back the front on her little people ride on and leaned forward. Of course the damn thing tipped with her on it and she went face first into the floor. Her top teeth sliced open her bottom lip and I think she did something to ther top middle teeth as they were bleeding again this arvo. Don't know what she did to herself but not nice.

B4 all that Tyler woke up many times during the night friday night with a really bad cough and was unable to breathe properly so Mick stayed up with him for an hour or so until he was sleepy and went back to bed. Tahnkfully Mick was staying up for a little while but didn't want to stay up that long.

Apart from that the kids have all been sick with the flu and mick and I are also sick but not quite as bad as the kids. It has been full on and hopefully by thursday (when Mick has a day off) we will be ableto send the boys to daycare no worries.

Anyway not up to much else except wiping snotty noses and not feeling too well myself.

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