Sunday, March 8, 2009

Long weekend

It's the long weekend. Haven't been doing much. Went thru all my old Scrapbooking Creations magazines and just took out the ideas etc that I really liked and put the rest of them in the recycle bin. Were taking up too much room and just trying to make things a little tidier. Did some scrapbooking last night. I redid a page I did of Ashley. Didn't like the first one and not too sure whether I like the new one either. Oh well I will like it eventually. LOL. Mick has been working on his new computer most of the weekend so far so he is pretty much MIA. Grrrrr...!!!!! Want my hubby back - not that we had planned anything anyway. Just plain boring boring really. Want to pop into Spotlight and get some embroidary thread for my scrapbooking/stamping. Hope Mick gets his A into G and has a shower so I can go down. He kinda stinks seeing he hasn't had a shower all weekend. Stinking bum. LOL. I wish I could handle the tantrums of Lachlan's. He really should have a sleep in the arvo but refuses to and he can get out of bed whenever he likes so it is no point pushing the issue. Gosh I hope he gets out of the terrible 2's/3's soon. Sometimes it is unbearable.
Will try and upload some recent photos of the kids when Mick has transferred all the photos from the old computer to the new one.
Lots of luv - ME

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