Friday, March 6, 2009

Well the kids are getting better now. Lachlan is pretty much recovered. Tyler still has a bad cough but only at night and first thing in the morning but Ashley is still very snotty. As for myself - well it is the worst cold I have had since just after Lachi was born - thankfully I have finished BF so I can take cold and flu tablets which are helping but still feeling blah.

Don't know what Ashley did to her teeth the other day but haven't had anymore bleeding (touch wood). She has taken to climbing everything. Climbs up onto the couch, dining chairs and then the table {naughty girl} and loves to get up onto the boys beds. I think I am gonna have to ban them from their rooms until Ashley learns to fall properly. LOL. Don't want her having a big crash off the beds.

Still considering being a demonstrator for Stampin Up. Got an information pack from Angela yesterday and it has made me more determined to get it all organized but won't do until the new catalogue is out. Not much else going on here. Mick got himself a new computer yesterday and went over to Cam's and they built it together. They had a few problems so what was supposed to be a couple of hours turned into 5hrs. Poor Cam had to get up and be at work by 6.30am. LOL. Oh well. Mick is gonna buy him something to say thank you. I think he should too. Cam really is a great friend.
Lots of luv - ME

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