Sunday, March 15, 2009

It seems that we have an issue with our new computer. We think it may be Kodak Easyshare. Grrrr....!!!! The computer just s*%t itself and we were unable to get Windows onto the computer. Of course without windows you can't access anything. Double grrrrr....!!!! So Mick has spent most of last night and all of today trying to fix it. He is finally getting somewhere but unfortunately the computer is more important than us at the moment so it is the main priority.

I have come to a decision about being a Demonstrator. LOL. As much as I want to do ASAP I am going to wait for the new catalogue to come out and then I will sign up. Only a couple weeks to go. Wish I could get a sneak peek at the new catalogue. Oh well. No long.

Weekend has gone. Gosh so quickly. Been adding a lot of Tilda stamps to my wish list on their international website. Gosh I want everything. Can't wait to get the ones I have already ordered so I can have a play. Hopefully tomorrow I will receive them. Woo hoo. Crossing my fingers. Hmmm what else. Nothing. Absolutely positively nothing.
Hopefully the week is a good one. LOL. Mick goes on holidays for 3wks at the end of this week. So happy that we may be able to have some family time. Might even visit my folks for a few days. Will see.

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