Sunday, May 17, 2009

Inspiration Award

Once again I have been truly blessed and I got this gorgeous award from Rowena aka craftypagan. Thanks darling I feel truly loved. Please go check out Rowena's blog - she makes the most beautiful cards and to make it even better she is a beautiful person.

I am sure in true blog style I have to give this to five people which is the norm, however I have chosen to give to just a couple of people - Sue, Cheryl & Tammy. I would love to give this award to everyone that inspire me - and that is everyone. If you feel like this I am sure you can grab up this award and pass it around. Love you all.

1 comment:

suemon said...

You are so lovely Tracey, thank you sooo much, I'm truely thrilled that you have passed this on to me, mwah. I had a great holiday in Broome an tonight my husband is taking me off to Vietnam, so won't have a chance to 'play in my room',lol. Hoping to find some goodies for my room over there, there was nothing in Broome.
Sue x