Thursday, July 14, 2011

Decoupage madness

Okay I must warn you that this post is very picture heavy.

I bought these decoupage kits a long long time ago at my local SB shop. After making the card yesterday (that someone asked if it was the decoupage image) I thought I would make them up. I grabbed the striped papers - in fact all the papers - but particularly the striped one and photocopied them on my printer so I didn't cut up the original. Call me a hoarder but I want to keep that paper for future projects and don't want to use it.

So here are eight (8) card fronts that I made. I am thinking that I will keep them as decoration. I attached them to my shelves with some repositional tape but alas they have all fallen down already so I have to find another solution.

Sammi here is the decoupage one LOL.


Alicia said...

Just beautiful.
Alicia xx

Julie said...

Great cards..I too recently purchased the Gor Juss Decoupage sheets and I have never picked up a decoupage sheet or 3D card in my life. There is something about these that is different, I simply love them. Plus they are so quick and easy to make!