Saturday, October 17, 2009

So Jolly & Under the Mistletoe

Want to wet your appetite....???? Want a sneek peek at the NEW Magnolia range So Jolly and Under the Mistletoe....???? Then go to Magnolia Down Under store and get your wish list happening. OMG these stamps are just so cute and you should see the gorgeous papers. By golly. You can preorder yours at MDU from Monday 19th of October.

**Please note stamps listed may be subject to change due to availability**


Brocéliane said...

thank you for this sneak peek :)

Raven said...

OMG I just had a look around your blog and I love your work. Everything is sooo colorful. I love color. Oh and I love Edward Cullen I'm going to have to nab some of your links WOWZERS!

Kerry said...

Love the sneak peek! She's so adorable!