Saturday, July 25, 2009

Photos of my kids

Shock horror. I don't have any cards to show you. At least not this morning. If my hands get a little busier later today I might have something to show you tonight but don't like my chances as hubby is going to the AFL Footy.

Anyway, just thought I would show you some recent photos of my kids. Yes I do have a life outside of cardmaking. LOL. I haven't showed photos of them on here for a very long time. Maybe I should get my A into gear and do some scrapbooking LO's to show you my gorgeous bubbas. LOL. Yep still call them that.

My Princess Ashley - now 19mths old. My baby (not so much anymore). Don't you just love that flyaway hair.

The little devil in disguise - Lachlan who turned 3yrs in April. He is such a beautiful boy to look at but by geez is he a little devil. LOL.

My big man - Tyler who turned 4yrs in March. He is my good boy, although on occasion you catch him egging the other kids to do naughty things so it is sometimes hard to believe when he said he didn't do anything. LOL.

Hope we all have a fabulous day.


Debbie Pamment said...

Oh Tracey your kids are gorgeous - look at those smiles!!! And - I know they'd hate this - but their cheeks are sooo pinchable - LOL.
Have great day too.

Merry said...

What a beautiful happy family..

suemon said...

Gorgeous Kids Tracey,they all are beautiful, happy looking kids. Gosh they are all quite young an you still get time to do all your gorgeous creations, you are a 'Super Mum', I was right the first time lol.
Sue x

Cheryl Joshua said...

Oh Tracey they are just too cute,such beautiful photos of them!!! OMG no cards whats

Softpencil said...

Your kids are so cute Tracey...! Enjoy them so much, they grow quickly ;)

craftypagan said...

Awww I love these pics! Smiley smiley! They're so adorable!

Sammi said...

Oh, they are all adorable Trace!!
Gorgeous photos!