Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yummy yummy salmon

Before I started doing all the naughty foods that I have been making I used to make nice healthy stuff - and still do - just haven't posted up here on my blog. So I thought I would show you some healthy stuff. To start with I thought I would show you the Salmon and Prawns with Spicy Coconut Broth and baked baby capsicums. 

I fell in love with Salmon last year when I attended the dinner for the Kinder in December and always wanted to try cooking it myself ever since. I found this recipe (minus the capsicums) at here. This is super yummy - don't know how healthy it is but has no added salt and only uses brown sugar so can't be all that bad right. LOL. 

The capsicums were stuffed with 'cauliflower' rice with grated zucchini and carrot with a little chicken stock. I can't remember how long they took - probably 25 - 35mins - just don't burn them. Here in Australia, if you are lucky you can pick up the mini capsicums in the produce department at Safeway (which is where I got mine). 

I made the broth with Oyster sauce not Fish sauce - for some reason I get an instant headache with the fish sauce. Go figure. It still tastes good. 

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