Friday, October 5, 2012

Snickers Brownie Balls

I love love love love love Snickers bars. They are so peanuty and delicious and if I start eating them I can't stop. In fact I love putting them in the freezer for a little while so the caramel in the middle freezes. SOOOO nice. LOL. 

I found a Snickers Brownie bites recipe a while ago and I made them but they didn't turn out quite right so I decided to make them in to a base for a cheesecake slice which didn't work out either. I used Lower fat cream cheese and it didn't set. But when I threw the whole lot in the bin (as no one would eat it) I thought it would be awesome to make them in to Brownie Balls. There are a lot of recipes on the web for Snickers Brownies - but none for actual balls. Not hard really.

Just look up and use your favourite recipe for Snickers brownies,  cool the whole lot ( I made these while the brownies were warm and found it easier though ) but not too cool as you won't be able to roll properly. Cut up the slice and then put in a food processor. Blitz until the whole lot is cut up and starts rolling around in the processor. Grab a spoon and take out a bit of mixture and roll. Easy peasy. 

I dipped half the balls in to milk chocolate but might go dark chocolate next time - but damn it is so so so nice. I left some without chocolate as they are so yummy by themselves. I was thinking I might crush up some peanuts next time and roll some of them in it. Yummo. 

The peanut on top makes it that little bit salty which is divine. 
The recipe I used made 72 balls. You can find it here

 The mess after dipping.

 With the left over chocolate I made some chocolate lollipops for the kids
and dipped some sugar cookies. Can't go past some Hundreds and Thousands. 

The cake pops below are what the kids and I made the other day with the kit my 
good friend Paula gave me for my birthday. In fact we still have some left after 2 days. 

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Debbie Pamment said...

These certainly look delish - I'm a snickers lover too! Thanx for sharing the recipe and handy hints Tracey.