Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mini Baked Cheesecake Bites

I love a good cheesecake. Can't go past it. So I have been playing with some cheesecake ideas and decided when I offered to make something yummy for a little boys 3rd party I decided to make cheesecake cupcakes. 

These have to be one of the easiest recipes I have tried. I just altered the New York Baked Cheesecake recipe so I could make 12 big muffin sized cupcakes and about 12-17 mini baked cheesecakes. 

With the mini ones below I didn't put the biscuits base in the bottom (I didn't think I would have much cheesecake mix left over - WRONG) but they still turned out wonderful. The reason I am calling them 'bites' instead of cupcakes is because they are so small that you eat them in one bite. 

 These are so so so tiny. I used candy wrappers. 
So the recipe. 

Here is the halved recipe as well as the alternate chocolate. 

Baked Cheesecake Cupcakes
120g Digestive Biscuit crumbs
70g melted unsalted butter
25g Castor sugar
500g cream cheese - room temp
1 1/2 tablespoons plain flour
1/2 cup castor sugar
2 extra large eggs room temp or 3 medium eggs
50ml whipping cream
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 Tablespoon lemon zest
Preheat oven to 180degrees.  
Mix biscuits, butter and sugar together and put in to cupcake patties. Refridgerate while mixing the filling. 
Mix cream cheese, flour and castor sugar in a mixer for approx 2 mins or until well and truly combined and creamy. Add one egg at a time (about 30 secs mixing) making sure you scrap down the sides when you have combined. Add cream, vanilla and zest and mix until well combined.  
Use a small ice cream scoop and spoon in to the patties. 
Bake cupcakes for 10 mins at 180 degrees and a further 20-25 mins at 120 degrees. Make sure you don't overcook - the middle of cupcakes should be a little wobbly so make sure you check them. Mix makes approximately 18 normal sized cupcakes (depending how generous you are with the scoops).  
MINI - cook in the oven at 120 degrees for about 10 -15 mins. Don't burn them. This should make approximately 36 mini bites. 
Chocolate version - Instead of the lemon zest, melt 150-200 gms dark chocolate and add to the mix when you are supposed to add the zest. I also used Chocolate ripple biscuits instead of Digestives. Up to you. Both will taste delicious. 

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