Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cinnabon Cinnamon Cake

For a little while now I have been meaning to make some Cinnamon scrolls. They are so yummy and my DF loves them too and seeing Cinnabon has closed down at our local shops I thought making my own would be (hopefully) just as good. 

When I found this recipe at Six Sisters' Stuff on Pinterest I had to give it a go. So for lunch I thought I would make it. I will add this is not good for your hips. This is loaded with sugar and butter and even though it is so so so yummy you will have to watch yourself - or at least you servings. 

 Next time I might make a cream cheese frosting just for something a little different. 

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Faye said...

Note to self... Don't visit when hungry! This looks delish! X