Saturday, August 13, 2011

Will be with you shortly

Gosh I have been a bit distracted. Sorry I haven't posted most of the week but have been busy making a bunny rabbit for my next door neighbor's DD who turns 11 tomorrow. I did complete my other bear and will show you as soon as I have made his overalls for him. LOL. My DD 3yrs thinks that he should be her's as she picked him out. Bless her. The kids seem to love the teddies I have been 'trying' to create. So I will be back in the next couple of days with photos of my teddies and hopefully at least one card.

This mini creation is by Fiver and gosh I don't
know how she does it but her creations are
amazingly small. Check them out at her
blog here.

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Sammi said...

awww. so cute!!!!
I can't wait to see your bears!!! :D