Sunday, August 14, 2011

My new bear friends

Phew I tell ya it has been a while since I did some cardmaking and I am sorry but this is the reason why. I bought a kit for the Kringles bear at the bear shop called Bear Essence which can be found in Tooradin (if you are in Melbourne). My 6yr DS wants it coz he thinks it is cool and my DD wants it coz she is the one who chose it for me. LOL. The Tooti rabbit was a pattern I got from Jennylovebenny. They aren't that good but better than I expected them to turn out. At the very bottom is my mini needle felted bear in progress. OMG I am addicted. You can see how small it will be - hence why I took the photo on the cutting board.

Meet Kringles
Meet Tooti
This cutie is going to my next door neighbors
DD who turns 11yrs old today.
Mini bear
This mini bear will be joined together with
dental floss. Yep you read it right - dental floss.
Will have pictures for you tomorrow when I finish it.


Sammi said...

Awww... they are too cute! Your neighbours DD is going to be thrilled with her rabbit.... so so sweet!!
That little ones looks fiddley! wow.. awesome job hun!!

Sammi said...

PS.. I can see why they want the bear... guess you will just have to keep it for you! :D