Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1002 posts eeeeekkkkkkk

First before I get in to my card - I noticed when I came in here to do this post that I had 1001 posts woot which means this is 1002. Wow. Who would have thought. Been busy and only been blogging for over just over 2yrs so that is more than one post a day. Woot. hahahaha Not obsessed with blogging much.

Anywho. Here is a card I made for the Sweet Stop sketch for the 6th Aug. Oops. I got so busy doing my bear making that I forgot to post on here and thus enter the challenge. Naughty me. The image is from Mo Manning. Gotta love it. Kind of a modern version of Snow White I reckon or maybe I am still in fairytale mode.
In person news I started the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation challenge. Hoping to get spurred on to get some more weightloss going. Wish me luck as I really do need it. At the moment it is only the preseason - we don't start officially for another 4wks but I am getting stuck in to it now. If you want to read about my weightloss journey go here.

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Ardilla said...

WOW... I was happy because I already pass the 100, hahahha....
Beautiful card, pitty you've missed the challenge :(
I wish you the best with your weith loss. I know how is that as I am also fighting kilos :)