Sunday, August 28, 2011

My completed bear

Phew...!!!! Do you know how relieved I am that I have completed this bear...?? I must say I put a lot of work in to this bear. Ahhhh so glad I am finished. I have no idea how other bear makers felt when they first started out making their gorgeous creations but as happy as I am that I have completed this bear and he is cute to boot I am not happy with the overall finish. I think his body is too big for his head. I was going to go for a smaller body but thought that would look funny but not impressed. Oh well. Practice practice like any craft. The head pattern was from Jennylovesbenny and the body was from a pattern by Karen Alderson. So many talented people out there.

Here is my dear bears face. I cut the stitched nose off and needle
felted another. I like this one much better.

The head is attached with a wobble joint.
What do you all think...???


ashlee said...

This is cute as trace I love it!!!! Hugz ashlee

Sammi said...

awww. This is adorable!!! I love this nose ... looks so cute!!! :D