Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Meet my new baby girl named Annie (my little missy named her). She is made from synthetic faux fur with the Tooti pattern I purchased from JennylovesBenny minus the rabbit ears. Her face is needle felted. I was going to use the black nose on Henry (my other bear) but thought it was too dark for his face. I didn't do much shading on her face as I am yet to master that. Hoping to be able to have a fun afternoon at Bear Essence in Tooradin this Saturday and learn some new things - like how to ladder stitch properly.

Unfortunately her left arm fell off. I think I used the wrong sized disc to attach her arm and for some reason it ripped right through the fabric. Goes to show that these bears are definately only for show and not for children to play with. I had to reattach her arm with dental floss so now it doesn't move how it should - I nearly cried. LOL.

What do you think...???

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Sammi said...

Annie is a little sweetie! Sorry to hear about her arm! She still looks adorable!!