Sunday, September 2, 2012

Snickers, Milky Way and Choc Brownie Bites

Good morning everyone. If you are in Australia you are probably all set for Fathers Day today. I am up and DH is having a sleep in so thought I would post this before the morning got busy.

Last week or even the week before I made 'Snickers Brownie Muffins' - big failure. I used the wrong flour and they rose and were a total flop. I took them all out of the cupcake papers (which is a big no no by the way as they stick) and put in the food processor. I thought - "Hmmm I will make a brownie slice with cheesecake". I did but it turned out - unique. LOL. Used the wrong cream cheese so it didn't set properly. Might show you the disaster one day but today on to these gorgeous bites.

I got the recipe for these at My Baking Addiction here. These are delicious but mine just didn't turn out the way hers did but they are yummy all the same.

Top left is Snickers, Right is Milky Way and the other plain.
I think I overcooked them as I did for 10mins and should have left at 9 mins but live and learn right. That is the whole thing about trying out other peoples recipes. I didn't do the caramel sauce - as for me too much of a hassle but if I had people over and we had these for desserts I would go all out. I used Milky Way snack bars in some as the kids are not too keen on the Snickers and also left about 4 without anything at all. All really yummy. Go to My Baking Addiction and try them for yourself.

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Kays Kids said...

We all have flops now and again. It is great that you used them up so the family could eat them. It is not always the look, it is the taste.
A brownie that has gone wrong with a dollop of icecream on top would make a yummy dessert.