Friday, September 21, 2012

Red Velvet Roll out cookies

Are you seeing a little obsession here.....???

No.....!!!! Yes.....!!! Maybe...!!!!!

LOL. I found a great recipe for Red Velvet Roll out cookies at Sweet Sugar Belle. Most people who have made Red Velvet 'anything' you will know that you add buttermilk to it. That is what (I think) makes it. They have a unique taste that is to die for. So this recipe calls for Buttermilk powder instead of the liquid form. Thankfully I found the powder easily online and just had to wait for it to arrive. 

I made these babies for the assistant teacher who is leaving today to the wonderful world of retirement and because she likes red velvet I added a pack of buttermilk powder and the recipe so she can make her own. So awesome. She was so happy and she also loved the mug that we bought. So cute. She will be missed but thankfully this is our last year at the kinder and we only have one more term left with a different teacher. 

These are extremely yummy and addictive and easy to make. Give them a go. 

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