Sunday, September 9, 2012

The End All for Chocolate cookies

Okay I am not good at icing. I just for some reason can't hold a piping bag. My hubby keeps telling me that it takes a lot of practice and I am sure he is right but I am a perfectionist and I want to get it right NOW. So my solution is to use icing bottle. Lots of fun for me and the kids. They loved decorating the cookies that we made. Don't know whether they like the taste of them but they like making them at least. So here is my first 'good' decorating 'attempt' at cookies.

I tried the Royal icing with meringue powder - here in Australia it is Pavlova magic as proper meringue powder is not available here. I tried it. No good. The powder didn't dissolve properly so the icing was 'grainy' and didn't taste right. So we made the icing with eggs whites instead. Much better and certainly tasted better when set properly.

My apples. I am experimenting with these for a surprise
retirement party that the Kinder is throwing for the assistant
teacher. Unfortunately I didn't wait until icing was fully dry
and we have a pattern from back of the cookie on them. Oops.
All ready to ice. I made about 50 cookies of various sizes.
Next time I will roll the dough out thinner.
The kids decorating. They had lots of fun.
My creations. Just experimenting.
A couple of Almond Sugar cookies in there as I had some in
a container from last lot that didn't work.
These were fabulous with the icing fully set. Yummo. Yummo. Yummo.

You can find the cookie recipe here at LilaLoa.

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Kays Kids said...

Hi Tracy, You will find the royal icing easy if you beat one egg white up with a a fork, then add one teaspoon of finely sifted pure icing sugar at a time between beating it again until it will form a stiff peek that won't alter its shape when left.It is really quite stiff. Then you can pipe what ever you want to.