Thursday, August 23, 2012

Coconut Custard Pie

Hello my lovelies. Hope you are all well. Here in lovely little Melbourne I have still been baking up a storm and have been trying to come up with my own recipes for 'sweets' so have been a little quiet on my little old blog but hoping to post most days - if I can.

If you are in to cakes you will probably have heard of a show called 'Cake Boss' - my current favourite. Buddy takes the traditional birthday, christening or special occasion cake to a new level. I mean he makes the most amazing cakes. If you haven't watched an episode you should catch one on YouTube.

Anyway I got this above book from and when I saw a recipe in there for Coconut Custard Pie I thought I would give it a go.

Recipe said to do a 9" base but I just bought a premade one from the supermarket. Don't think it is that big.
This is - how can I say it - deliciously disgusting. This was nice but not. I think next time I would use half the amount of coconut or even skip the coconut all together. Like all new recipes you try this was one I don't think I will make again. If you are interested in Buddy's recipes you will have to buy the book. I don't want to put recipe up as it might get me in to trouble.

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