Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fudge cupcakes with a twist

Recently I have been making lots of food and experimenting with different dishes. Most of it has been healthy sugar free foods but I have been researching party food and came across a blog that has 'experiments' with cupcakes, it is called Bake it in a cake. Although this creation did not come from her site the idea certainly did so I must give credit. It is great to see so many different ways of having cupcakes.

My kids loved them - or at least they said they did but I have no idea as I can't eat them.
If you are in Australia you know what a Mint Slice and Caramel Crown biscuit/cookie is. I just put a little bit of the cake mix at the bottom of the cupcake paper and then put the biscuit on top (flat) and then more mix on top. Next time around I will put less mix at the bottom.


Susan said...

Hi Tracey! A girl from work makes them but puts an oreo cookie in the middle. Haven't tried them myself! Not sure I want to... might become addictive!
Susan xxox

Gretchen said...

I love experimenting in the kitchen too, although for me it's usually sweet treats. These look terrific.

Kays Kids said...

Hmmm... sound a good idea I might have to try it when the grandies come over next.