Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chef in the making

My middle child Lachlan is 6yrs old and he is so much like me. Anything he puts his heart in to creatively he does his best at and most of the time is really good at it too. He 'builds' things. Most of the time he is grabbing boxes that are ready for recycling and cutting and sticking them together to make something - anything - he just builds. He told us one day that he is going to be a builder. Fantastic mate you go for it was all he got from us, as we are as proud as punch that he is so talented.

A couple of months ago - out of the blue - he tells us he wants to be a chef. Don't know where he got the idea from and I have been very tentative to let him 'create'. I am sure he will be good at it if he get the opportunity to actually do some cooking or baking. So I bit the bullet on the weekend and let him 'create' some macaroons with me. We made traditional macaroons that made very little of them so next time we will be doubling the recipe.

Here he is 'mixing' the egg whites.

Meringue ready for the almond flour and icing sugar mixture.
I didn't take any photos other than the finished product after this.
Here is the finished product. As you can see this is only a couple of them. I had a few of them crack on me and some of them were way too big but for my first go they were good. First time I have tried tasting them too and I love them. Unfortunately I ate most of them because they were so mouthwatering good. As you can see there are lumps and that is after sifting the flour/icing sugar mix three times. Maybe it was my folding technique - I simply don't know but we did it and hopefully it will work out better next time.

I got the recipe for these at Martha Stewart here.

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Kays Kids said...

What a darling your son is. Looks like he has a little helper as well.
Tell him 10 out of 10 from me for his Macaroons. they look so good.