Monday, November 22, 2010

Serious motivation needed

Okay as some of you may know I have become addicted to Zumba. What is Zumba you ask...??? If you don't know then Google it. It is basically the latest fitness craze and OMG it is the best fun ever. I have been doing it for 4months now and haven't lost much weight so I am starting kicking it up a gear. My goal is to lose 20kgs. That is my first goal. If I achieve that then it will be another 8kgs after that. Wish me luck. I am seriously cutting out all sugar (eeeeekkkkk) and bad foods in my diet and going walking every day. Phew. I am gonna be struggling (the sugar withdrawals) but need to do it so badly. I look at myself in the mirror every day and cringe. Anyway I thought I would tell you a little story about myself and show you a couple things I found on the net.


Marcia said...

A light hearted end to what is something close to your heart - good on you Tracey, it's a big step to share it also.

Best of luck with your challenge and remember, a small step backwards is okay.

:) Marcia

Cheryl said...

Hi Tracey,good luck with your weight loss and small steps at a time are the best way to go.I have just recently lost 22kgs and 54cm and feel great.You may have some bad days,but don't let it get you down,keep is worth it in the end!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Tracey

Wow, well done on the Zumba!! I have seen it and heard about it but have not tried it.

I have about 12 to 15kg to lose also and I need to find some kind of motivation to get me going.

Michelle :-)

Renkata said...

ohh pls tell me if you get there, I must do that myself too :(, but i do love candy's ( hehehehe)

♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

Hi Tracey,
My personal trainer said zumba isnt any good for losing weight as such, but its a great way to have fun and get the heart rate going.
Optifast shakes are fab, I was on them 3 meals a day for 3 weeks they taste great and really work.
Good luck with your weight loss.You will feel fab when you lose 20kg, I have lost 25kg now and are feeling so different.
Kristy x