Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Mick

Today is my gorgeous hubby's birthday. We are having a themed dress up party. Ghouls, ghosts & Goblins. I can't wait and everyone that is coming is very excited as well. Here is a photo of my hubby Mick just after the kids gave him his presents. He doesn't normally have a moustache but he is growing this for 'Movember'. If you want to donate email me. It is to help raise money for Men's depression. It is to raise awareness and money for research.
My hubby is dressing up as a Zombie so coz of this I decided that I had better make him a Zombie card. This is Zombie James from Simply Betty Stamps. I did a call out to the girls in the Simply Betty team to think of quotes etc to put on my card. Unfortunately I got them after I put this one on. OMG there were some hilarious ones in there like - You are my best friend, but if Zombies chase us I am tripping you. Great minds taste alike. This is my favourite - Zombies make great pets. They already know how to play dead. hahahahaha LOL. I love it. There are many many more that the lovely ladies came up with. Thanks everyone.
I will be back with photos of the party over the next couple of days. I think I will have a big hangover tomorrow so will most likely be Monday.


Marcia said...

Have an awesome time Feeger household! Sounds like fun!

Kimberly S said...

Sounds like a great time Tracey, and what a perfect card you made for him! Looking forward to the party photos! :)

Renkata said...

I wish you to have wonderful party!

Trina said...

How cute! I hope you all have a great time... Happy Bday Mick!

Lelia Pierce said...

LOL! Nice! Happy birthday, Mick! Can't wait to see the pics of the party!


Miranda said...

Congrats with your Hubby, have a lot of fun with your party can't wait to see the photographs of you all dressed up like goblins, gouls or ghosts, sounds like fun

have a good time