Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Thanks for all the well wishes re:my teeth. Got in to see the dentist about an hour ago and they pulled my troublesome tooth out. Will have to wait and see how much pain I am in when the anesthetic wears off but at the moment all is good - mouth still numb and can't talk properly but at least I will be able to go and see New Moon tomorrow night like I had planned. Woo hoo...!!


Annette said...

Glad you got rid of your troublesome tooth, take careX:)

Cheryl said...

I thought your appointment was you got it fixed,you should start feeling much better soon!!!

Marcia said...

Good on you Tracey, braver than me. And at least you don't have to talk at the movies! he he.

Buy some Nurofen, best thing for it.

Take care, Marcia

MicheyMoo said...

Good news Tracey......better to have it out than go on in pain and have probs for an extended period. I had a tooth out a few years ago too, also after a few months of probs (though I had to wait until after I'd had a couple of courses of AB's to settle things down first).

My only advice.....take the pain med's regularly - even if it feels ok.....and you may not be in pain....if you get breakthrough pain it can take quite some time for the pain meds to be effective again. At least for the first few days and then see how you go.

Welcome to the world of lovely soft (*mushy*) food too. lol
Hugs, Michey

Sammi said...

Hi Trace, good to hear that troublesome tooth is gone!! Hope the pain goes soon! Enjoy the movie! I'll be seeing it later in the week! :D

Debbie Pamment said...

At least you'll get to enjoy every minute of New Moon without your tooth hurting!!! I bet that's what got you through - LOL

Cat said...

So sorry to hear about your tooth, but glad that it is taken care of. Enjoy "New Moon."