Monday, November 16, 2009

The Real countdown is on

Yes I am well and truly obsessed but am so excited that the official countdown is here. Here in Australia we get to see the movie on the 19th so only 3 days away. Are you jealous...???? (except those in Oz). We are also about 9-12hrs ahead of most countries so that means that we get the movie about a day and half before the rest of the world. We are very lucky.

Now I have to say something - Kellie you did this to me. If it weren't for Kellie I would never have thought to watch the movie - let alone read the books. I didn't know what the fuss was all about really. I hadn't really heard much about the books and didn't know what it was about. Well as soon as I watched the movie I also had to read the books. I mean I went to the shops the very next day and got two of them and then the next I got the other two. I really do blame Kellie though. Hahahaha - thanks for another obsession - wouldn't be without it.

Oh and must add that I got some awesome Twilight stamps here. Artful Inkables have the best Twilight sentiment stamps and Twilight stamps - great wolf stamp - which is why I bought the set.

Anyway - sorry for lack of card. I have been in a rut over the weekend. I can't seem to get motivated. Hopefully I can get some back near the end of the week when I have to have a card done for Twilight Tuesdays blog hop.

Enjoy your day


Tammy said...

I am sooo jealous!!
Could this photo be any more fabulous of him either.
WOW great makeup and photography.

I'm counting the day's as well!!

Marcia said...

I'm still to get on the bandwagon, think I missed the flyer somewhere! But you girls can have your fun ......

:) Marcia P

Amy said...

LOL, you crack me up with your Twi obsession Tracey, but I love seeing all the awesome cards that come from it! Have a great time at the movie!