Saturday, December 17, 2011

My baby's 4 today

Hard to believe that my baby girl is four today.
I feel like she has grown up so quickly. She will be
off to Kinder next year and boy is she so ready for it.

Here is just some photos of her over the last couple of years or so.

My pretty girl.


Janine said...

aaah goshjieee
my son is from 23july 2007
and it is going to fast for me
he is growing and growing..and talks a lot early in the morning

Moni said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter, and years goes by so quick. Your daughter is so gorgeous. Fab pics. Hugs,moni

alethea said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous daughter!! Hope she has a wonderful day!! Hugsxx

Kays Kids said...

Happy Birthday you daring girl.
You look so beautiful!
Time goes so quickly when they are at that age.

Sammi said...

awww.. so sweet!! She's beautiful like her mum!! Happy Birthday to Ash!! :)

Sue said...

Gorgeous girl.
Sue xo