Monday, December 19, 2011


This year I have found that I have a bucket load of cards to send and give out so in my exhaustion to try and get them all finished I decided to cheat. I took two Mo Manning Little Elf Finn stamp and coloured them up (the same). I photocopied them all on another piece of card, two images at a time. Phew....!!! That in itself was time consuming but I did it and it was quicker that colouring 14 images by hand. The top two cards (see below) used the original coloured images that I photocopied. The following cards use the photocopied images. They turned out really well and if you are in a hurry or have lots of cards to do this is the way to go.

These cards were given to the Kinder girls at Ashley's
occasional care and the other will be given to Lachi's
kinder teachers.

These will be sent or given out to people.


Kylie said...

Oh that is sooo NOT cheating Trace. I call that intelligent creating!! Well done you. Will have to remember that as they look awesome, especially to people that don't understand our craft!
Merry Christmas!

Hugs, xoxo

Kays Kids said...

You need 10 out of 10 for a time saving tip.

Marcia said...

Cheating or not, those cards are still sensational. And the one that hit my letterbox was super special.

Merry Christmas Chicky,