Friday, April 9, 2010


Hey sweet ladies. I just thought I would pop on quickly and say hello. This is a picture of my sweet girl Ashley. She is the best thing that has happened to me. She is my delight. She is also definately a mummy's girl.

I have been suffering from headaches and not feeling well for the last month so have had a lack of motivation. I think it may be time to get my neck (where the pain is coming from) checked out by the GP. Hopefully something can be fixed. Other than that things have been extremely busy with Spesch Stamps and all. I have decided to step down from Anya Ink as my heart just isn't in it at the moment. Hope you all understand. LOL. I am getting a website organised for Spesch Stamps also and am trying to get Clear Polymer Stamps organized as well. Lots of things are happening at once. I think I need to chill for a little bit. LOL. Have a good Friday everyone. I will be back some time over the weekend.


LORi said...

Hi Tracey!! she is adorable!! OMgoodness Adorable!!
I so know what you mean about the headaches and being busy!!! I have had a constant headache for a week now and thought it might be the weather or the time of year!! But it is probably not enough sleep, stress from our ventures, etc etc!!! Hope you start feeling much much better...saying a prayer for you!!


Annette Bowes said...

She is a little cutie. If you are having a lot of neck pain I would go and see a recommend masseur (I was having problems and this solved them) Hope you get sorted, try and chill out at the weekend, take careX:)

Cat said...

What an adorable little girl! Rest up, and I hope you are feeling better soon!

Farm Girl said...

aww hope you feel better soon hon. Aww Ashley has grown soooo much! Just adorable

Jodie from Oz said...

Tracey, your DD is adorable and I can see where she gets her beauty from. Hope you are feeling better soon. big hugs Jodie from Oz

Debra James said...

Oh your little girl is such a cutie Tracey,Gorgeous eyes!!! Hope u start to feel a liitle better soon and I will miss working with you on Anya Ink but I do get to play with u on the other DT group. Take care, Hugs xxxxx

stephanne said...

Hi sweets!! Tracey Junior is adorable, I want to squeeze those cheeks soooo bad!! I hope you get some time to relax soon, hope that headache goes away too!!
Take Care,

Kimmi said...

Oh Tracey, she is gorgeous! Love her smile! I bet she gets into some right mischief!

Hope you get sorted soon with the headaches!


Kimmi xx

Emma said...

Aww your little girl is just gorgeous! They are sooo adorable at that age!

I am sorry to hear that you haven't been well. I hope that things get better for you and you start to feel better soon. Definitely worth getting looked into.

Take Care,


Jane said...

Oh Tracey, Ashley is so beautiful!!! bless her, such a gorgeous smile too! I totally sympathise hun, I've had neck and back problems for the past two years and have now been diagnosed with arthritis of the spine :( Hope yours is more easilly treated and makes the headaches go away!!! big hugs, Jane xxx

kaylou said...

Hi Trace
awww bless, Ashley is a total hunny,she's gorgeous. Hope you feel better soon sweets.
Hugs Kaylou xoxo

Cheryl said...

Tracey,your little girl is so adorable.....they do make your heart melt and everything worthwhile!!! Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon!!!

RubyM:) said...

AWHH she is adorable!!! You know she has your face.Like twins!! I hope your feeling better now.Your Edward and bella card is just so cool!!!LOVE IT! I saw the movie today AGAIN LOL!Gosh talking about some EYE CANDY!!! Enjoy your week and take it easy.((hugs))RubyM:)