Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Lachlan


On the day he was born.

Had to include my favourite photo of my little man when he was a week old.

Recent photo.

Quick post as it is my little mans birthday. Hard to believe my littlest guy is 4yrs old today. He is so big. Nearly as big as his 5yr old brother. Ahhhhhh. Where did the time go....?????


Jen Shults said...

Ah, happy birthday to your little man! That card is just fabulous! I love those little dinosaurs!!

Sammi said...

Awww..what gorgeous photos!!
Great card Trace! Bet he loved it!

Kylie said...

Oh he is so cute! Love the photos. They do grow up so quickly. This card is perfect. It even looks like him. Hope you all have a great day.

Kylie ox

dolcreations said...

Tracey your little man is so adorable! Thank-you so much for sharing the pictures with us! Love the card too!

Kylie said...

Oh - how beautiful and innocent they look when they are new - and then what happens - they grow up! He is an absolutely gorgeous 4 year old. He looks like a delight.

Happy Birthday Lachlan!! Gorgeous card Mum!

Enjoy the day!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Lachlan x.
Wow the time goes so fast, love the card you have made for him, its gorgeous!
Sue x

Kerry said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little guy!!! Love the card... he looks like him too! :D

Jackie Thomas said...

Oh Happy Birthday sweet little man. He's such a cutie Tracey and this card you made for him is perfect. Beautiful work. xo Jackie

the whimsical butterfly said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy! Your Oliver card is adorable!

Marcia said...

A belated HB to the little man ... love the card Tracey, so sweet.

:) Marcia

LORi said...

Oh Tracey!!! He is a living doll!!! Really CUTE!!!! Love his name too!! Happy Happy Birthday Lachlan!!!

HUgs - LORi

stephanne said...

Awwwwww, you make cute cards and cute babies!! Sorry, that is on the lame side but it's true!!! Happy couple of days after your birthday Lachlan!!