Monday, September 14, 2009

Softpencil are starting challenges on Papercraft Planet

Softpencil has decided to start up a challenge on Paper Craft Planet starting in October. There will be prizes to the winner so pop on over and become a member of Softpencil at PCP and start participating in the challenges. Oh what fun...!!!! LOL.

To get you started here are some free images that you can use from the lovely Elizabeth:
- Calla Lily
- Background - Sky and grass
- Pinky's home

Enjoy your free images and if you like pop on over to Softpencil and get some more cute images.


Kellie Winnell said...

OOooo thanks for the heads up Trace xx

Sammi said...

Thanks Trace.. I'll be on the lookout for the challenges! More time please??

Anonymous said...

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