Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anyone for Anya?? #2

This week over at Anyone for Anya? Dawny has come up with this fabulous sketch. I tried something a little different and you could say that this is a hybrid card. I put all the digital papers onto my Office program and moved them around so they looked like the sketch and printed it out and then coloured my Miss Anya image and stuck her on. The digital papers are from (please don't quote me though) Raspberry Road Designs. I have had them for ages so not too sure. I am hopeless lately. Hope you like.

Products: TGF stamp; Raspberry Road digi papers & embellishments; Bazzill card; dimensional dots


Kerry said...

So pretty, great dp!

Amy said...

Love your hybrid card Tracey it turned out beautifully!
And I have to say I LOVE your idea for a dress up Miss Anya set, Marie SO needs to make that for us! :)

Marcia P said...

This is pretty!

:) Marcia P

Renata van Miltenburg said...

This turned out very pretty! Nice flowerstring.

Nice to have you in our AFA challenge!

Sunny regards, Renata

Dawny P said...

Oh how gorgeous. I love the image and papers and you did a fab job with the sketch as well - love it :) Thank you for joining us over at AFA, hugs, Dawny xxx

Anonymous said...

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