Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Paleo life for me

Food art is the bomb so my first photo is my attempt at making my food as tasty looking as it does actually taste. Who wants to eat unattractive food right...!!! LOL.

Spinach, cucumber, capsicum, homemade guacamole and salmon with herbs. So yummy. Ultra healthy and utterly Paleo. Yep Paleo. It has been an adjustment. No wheat products and no dairy products. As much raw vegetables and salad as you can muster.
Sweet potato is one of my main sources of carbs. Love making and eating baked sweet potato with Turmeric and cracked pepper. Nice nice nice. 

I guess the one thing you have to do also is to have good food prep. The above photo is of my food for a day out and about. Yummo. Nice huh...!!!! 

My new meal plan rocks and really enjoying it - especially the banana in the morning. 

Enjoy your day. Might have to experiment with Paleo recipes and post up. 

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Kays Kids said...

Your salmon salad looks delicious.