Saturday, August 17, 2013

It has started

The new 12 Week Challenge that I signed up for started a week ago. I have been working out hard all week and will continue to do so. Bootcamp was this morning but unfortunately I think I have done too much already this week and listened to my body and missed it. Spewing but need the rest. 

Hope you crafting advenures are going well. 


Resin Angels said...

Are you doing 12wbt? I just started that a week ago. It's tough but good :o)

kaylou said...

Hi Trace
loving reading and seeing your new lifestyle post, you look fantastic, well worth all the effort you are putting in... I'm doing a similar kind of thing to you and loving it..... nice to see us Mums doing something for ourselves for a change... stay awesome Hun
Big Hugs Kaylou xx