Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Morning everyone. Hope you are all well. Thought I would do a What's on your work desk Wednesday again today. I haven't got a card to post so thought I would cheat and do this post instead. LOL. Yes it is nice and neat as always. I can't stand not knowing where everything is. The image that is turned over is a secret but hoping you should like them as much as myself and the DT from Spesch. Have a great day.

Thought I would show you a photo of my DD who is 2.5yrs. She has a habit of falling asleep when eating potato chips so this is a photo of her falling asleep whilst eating French Fries potato chips. So cute but a pain as she tends to spill them.

I am not well today. Ahhhhh...!!!!! If it isn't the kids it is me. I had the worst stomach cramps last night (not female related) and I almost called an ambo to come get me it was that bad. I have taken some Buscapan and hoping that it will start working soon. It is just as bad as my labor pains. Gosh it really hurts.

Anyway. Have a great hump day everyone.


Anonymous said...

look at all your stuff hehe so neat!!
awww your daughter is gorgeous this photo makes me giggle.
hope u feel better soon.

Nikki said...

Now how cute is that lol Hope your feeling better soon
hugs Nikki C