Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Edward and Bella digital stamps by Spesch

Hey everyone. Hope you are all well. Today I am showing you the Twilight inspired stamps Edward and Bella (there is also an Alice stamp available) that I designed a while ago. I was and still am a bit obsessed with Twilight so thought seeing Eclipse comes out at the end of June I would release them. They will be cheaper than the other Digital stamps in store. Hope you like. If you wish to buy these stamps head on over to our Website and you can pick them up for $2 each.

I have been told that I should do some Harry Potter inspired stamps as some people aren't in to Twilight (shock horror) so am working on that but don't know how they will turn out. Stay tuned.

On another note - it is my birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. LOL.


dolcreations said...

Yeh...I am the first to wish you a very happy birthday!
I love this card...there are so many little details that you put on your card which are just so perfect! I love how you colour with your copics! You should give classes there in Australia!!!!

Jackie Thomas said...

A big Happy Birthday to your Tracey. hope you get spoiled. this card is fantastic, your colouring is amazing and the flowers are adorable. Enjoy your day hun. hugs Jackie

Sammi said...

I LOVE this Tracey!! Love your colouring again and the elements on this card are gorgeous!

Debbie Pamment said...

Fabulous job Tracey - and of course...

Emma said...

OOhh Happy Birthday Tracey! Hope you now get to play with your new compressor!

Fantastic Card!

Chantelle said...

Happy birthday Tracey - hope you have a beautiful day - best wishes for many more happy years. xx

stephanne said...

Shall I serenade you once more with a birthday ballod? Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.....

This is really sweet Trace, love the colors and DP and the image, awww, too cute!!

Marcia said...

Happy Birthday Birthday Girl!!!!!!!! This is adorable.

Now a HP range would suit those like me who aren't big Twilight fans (in fact, have never ever ever seen or read it!) ........ those I would be interested in!

Hope you are having a special, smashing birthday!

:) Marcia

Annette Bowes said...

Happy Birthday to you Tracey!! Have a fantastic one I am sure you will be spoilt!!

Gorgeous cards you are so talented with your drawing skills.

Take careX:)

kaylou said...

Hi Trace
woohoo happy birthday to you.....I won't sing...ha ha ha.
Wow this is fabulous again and I love those jeans, there amazing,fantastic job.Enjoy your birthday and I hope you got lots of nice goodies.
Hugs Kaylou xoxo

Petra Skogstokiga Rubberstamps said...

Lovely card.

Anonymous said...

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