Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary to me

I made this card for my hubby for our 7th Anniversary today. It is traditionally the 'Copper' Anniversary but I couldn't any copper to go on my card so this will have to do. I used Mercius from The Steampunk Gang digi's by Simply Betty Stamps.

It is truly hard to think that it has been 7years we have been married but it has been a long long time and am still in love with my man. Happy Anniversary darling hubby.


Trina said...

Happy Anniversary!! I love that wedding pic; you guys look like "we did that!!" with your fists held high!

Kerry said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! And many many more to come. :) What a great picture! And the card is stunning! Happy New Year!

Renkata said...

Happy Anniversary !
Wow very chic card!

Tracy (Jedi ScrapMaster) said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
LOL, we must have been planning our weddings at the same 7 yr anniversary is next month! Isn't it crazy how fast time goes by?
Love your card too! Love the colors!

Sylvia said...


Sammi said...

Awesome card!!

and I just Love that photo... you both look so happy and triumphant! :D

Wishing you many happy years together with much love!!

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