Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy 21st UNbirthday

I must say when one of the school mums from my children's school asked if
I could make a card for her niece who is turning 21 and obsessed with 
Alice in Wonderland I was very excited about the prospects. I scoured the
net for Alice images, sayings and all things Alice looking for ideas on what to so.

My first initial thought was to do a silhouette card but decided it wasn't fancy
enough. Then I thought vintage Alice with a falling image. Nope. Just didn't look
right for a special card like that for a 21st. 

I found this gorgeous image on Deviantart. Oh gosh do I love this. It is from Blue 
Undine and it can be found here. Unfortunately I buggered up the Cheshires eyes 
and they look a bit funny - at least to me they do.

 I have had the Alice in Wonderland Halloween papers for ages and thought this
was the perfect opportunity to use them. I love Alice. If you know me you may know
that Alice was one of the very first stamps I commissioned from Christina for Spesch Stamps
back in the day. 

I distressed inked around the image to make it look a little more vintage
than it was. 

Enjoy your weekend. 


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